BOD Meeting called to order by Javier Robledo at 10:05 am.

Board of Directors (BOD)

x = in attendance


Javier Robledo Jr.




Carlos Hernandez

Vice Chairman








Roberto Cano

Deputy Secretary



Vicki Sutherland




Sergio Martinez

Vocal Member



Melvyn Peñate

Vocal Member



Christian Paredes

Vocal Member



Michael Bretón

Vocal Member


Quorum present / not present (50%+1 of 8 elected/appointed members=5)

Chairman Update

• First working meeting of the 2017 BOD; held at La Fogata, 13900 Francisquito Ave, Baldwin Park @ 626-962-5111
• On Tue, 2/28, from 5-6:00 pm, Javier/Christian will participate with other Peña presidents in a planning meeting for a Peña Reunion to be held in Miami on July 29when Real Madrid plays Barcelona for the ICC (International Champions Cup). Dates will be confirmed by the ICC in March 10Tickets for the Miami match will be for active members only on a priority basis, if tickets are limited. Details TBD.
• Possible Madrid trip to see a match – email soon to announce.

Scheduling viewing parties

• After some discussion on best options, these are the proposed matches for hosting viewing parties:
Tue, 3/07, 11:45am – Champions League, Leg 2 – Napoli v Real Madrid
Sun, 3/12, 12:45pm – Real Madrid v Real Betis
Sun, 4/09, TBD – Derby between Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid
Sun, 4/23, TBD – El Clásico with Real Madrid v Barcelona
• Javier proposed that we do raffles for a jersey of winner’s choice at the most popular matches in April in order to create incentive for active members (dues paid up or purchased at viewing event) to arrive early and stay after the game to socialize. Only active members may participate in raffles.
1. Pre match Raffle for RM jersey of choice – Active members who arrive between a hour to 15 before kickoff will receive one ticket at no cost to be part of raffle to be drawn at 10 minutes before kickoff. 
2. Mid match Raffle for RM jersey of choice – Active members may purchase raffle tickets at fee schedule listed below to be part of raffle to be drawn during halftime.  
3. After match Raffle for RM jersey of choice – Active members may purchase raffle tickets at fee schedule listed below to be part of raffle to be drawn after the match.
• Christian made a motion to hold the raffle for the 4/9 match as proposed; Vicki seconded; discussion ensured to clarify raffle; vote of 4 Ayes carried the motion; Next discussion of raffle for 4/23 was similarly motioned and carried
• Fee Schedule: 
▪ $1 = 1 ticket
▪ $2 = 3 tickets
▪ $5 = 8 tickets 
▪ $10 = 20 tickets


• Javier proposed that we develop flyers (different from current style) for use in marketing our Peña (1) at soccer stores; (2) via members, etc. Team will work on these marketing flyers (Javier, Christian, Sergio, Vicki).
• Other merchandising options for our Peña:  cups, pens, new Peña shirt (after Real Madrid picks new kit), etc.


• Roberto Cano provided update of current membership base:
23 = active members (dues paid up)
20 or so = possible renewals at next viewing event
14 = messages left; awaiting response
29 = not yet contacted
5 = moved out of SoCal area
• Discussion about what makes a member active; anyone who pays during 2016/2017 season is active for the season AND for the 2017/2018 season, until we get our renewals on track; anyone who paid in the 2015/2016 (e.g., Jan 2016) owes for current season 2016/2017 and will be paid up through 2017/2018
• Tabled:  Timing of membership (August to June; June to June; August to August); the timing will determine when we do a push for renewals and what the cut off dates will be
• When appropriate, Roberto will work with Vicki to update the current membership list

Communications and media

• Christian is communicating with other Peñas
• Received an email from the Madridista Peña office
• Participating in podcasts, live tweets during matches
• Encourages all to send in pictures of participation in viewing parties or wearing kit in unique places; tag pictures #RMFans to perhaps get picked up by Real Madrid media.
• Sergio reported that he will be handling Facebook and Instagram media accounts, and assist Christian 

Open Floor

• Vicki asked about Benefits of Membership and would these items be available to give out if new members sign up at the viewing events; Christian explained that the list below is what was given to new members; unknown if all items are still in inventory; Carlos has inventory (not yet reported); Vicki brought pins back from Madrid Peña office (given to Mike who gave to Carlos)
Peña t-shirt 
Key chain
Membership cards – discussion ensued that these cards were only partially handed out (Vicki has inventory) and might not be of value anymore
• Membership app – during the discussion about membership cards Mike suggested a better option would be a membership app that could keep track of participation, viewing events, other schedule info, and be a means of communicating with members. Christian agreed to look into this; he has heard of other Peñas using Meet Up as a way of communicating with members. We might also want to advertise within our Peña looking for technology minded members who could help with developing an app.

Next Meeting

• Next meeting is TBD.
• Meeting adjourned at 11:46 am.



x Javier Robledo Jr. Chairman    
x Carlos Hernandez Vice Chairman    
  Vacant Secretary    
x Roberto Cano Deputy Secretary    
x Vicki Sutherland Treasurer    
x Sergio Martinez Vocal Member    
  Melvyn Peñate Vocal Member    
x Christian Paredes Vocal Member    
  Michael Bretón Vocal Member    

Quorum present / not present (50%+1 of 8 elected/appointed members=5)

Chairman’s Report (Javier Robledo Jr.)

  • Communication, when primarily brief, will be handleD via WhatsApp which allows for instant/quick feedback. Longer, more detailed communications will be via email.
  • As Chairman, meeting with each Member of the Board to discuss assignments
    • Roberto Cano, Deputy Secretary – working with Membership
    • Vicki Sutherland, Treasurer – handling all funds and payments for the Peña
    • Christian Paredes, Vocal Member – Communications Director
    • Sergio Martinez, Vocal Member – Communications Assistant
    • Melvyn Peñate, Vocal Member – assigned to find a home for the Peña based on Member metrics
    • Michael Breton, Vocal Member – Parliamentarian role to review and improve By-laws, as necessary
    • Eddie Mazariegos has resigned as Secretary (via telephone)
  • Carlos Hernandez, Vice Chairman will give ______ report at next meeting.

Deputy Secretary’s Report (Roberto Cano)

  • Working on membership contact; calling dormant Members (those who have not paid 2017 dues or have made no contact or have not participated in Peña events)
    • Out of approximately 65 dormant members, 30 have been contacted – voice messages left with 14; 16 want to know more about the Peña and are open to coming back
    • 35 more dormant members to call
  • Membership list will be updated/coordinated when appropriate with Vicki who currently maintains the master list

Treasurer’s Report (Vicki Sutherland)

  • Submitted reports for 2016-09 thru 12 and 2016 year to date (YTD), plus 2017-01 and 2017 YTD; current balance is $750.81
    • Motion made and seconded to approve Treasurer’s Report dated September-December 2016 and January 2017. Motion carried.
  • Pending actions:
    • Treasurer asked about open action to pay $50 to Children’s Hospital from fundraiser held in 2016 when a jersey was raffled off. Christian gave background on the donation and indicated a fundraising page was set up for our Peña on the hospital’s website. The donation can be made via this link. Motion made and seconded to authorize the Treasurer to make the $50 donation to Children’s Hospital. Motion carried. Christian to send link to Vicki.
    • $15 refund to be issued to Member Jose Castillo (overpaid for renewal)
    • $165 (approx.) in PayPal account (renewals/new memberships) to be moved to checking account
  • Javier wants our Peña to consider more fundraisers and charitable acts in the future.
  • Regarding $12 monthly service fee with Chase Bank – we should look into alternative banking options to see if a service fee is avoidable; tabled for future discussion

Communications Report (Christian Paredes)

  • Soon after the January EGM, Christian began contacting Real Madrid department of Peñas, other Peñas, and other organizations to establish relationships and connections in order to promote our Peña. In addition, Christian has begun posting news, photos, etc., on various social media as well as participating on podcasts (2 completed, 1 scheduled). He will also begin live tweeting during matches.
  • Christian has asked Members and supporters to submit their photos that display our Madridismo so he can post on various social media with hashtags that promote and support our love for Peña and Club. He encouraged us to take group photos at our events which he can share with Real Madrid’s department of Peñas.
  • Sergio Martinez will assist Christian with Peña communication efforts.
  • Javier mentioned making flyers, etc., to share with sport stores who will allow us to promote our Peña

Open Floor led by Vice Chairman (Carlos Hernandez)

  • Asked for report out from those who scouted sports bars for Peña viewing events – Vicki shared her thoughts of Big Wang’s (801 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, 90017):
    • 2 main interior spaces with surrounding TVs; each with sufficient capacity for 60-70 persons in each area
    • General Manager seemed to welcome our interest
    • Food menu looked good; prices reasonable
    • Multiple parking options (some street parking, lot across the street, parking structure across the street and another one down the street)
    • Nearby metro stop
    • Close to Dublin’s which past Peña members will be familiar with
    • Exterior space with tables, TVs, fire pit for socializing
    • Our first experience at Big Wang’s will be 2/15; Javier to call ahead to give notice; unknown how many may attend since it is midday/midweek
    • 1st promoted viewing event will be in March; details TBD
  • In-person Board Meeting – general consensus for when to have this meeting was Saturday, 2/25, at 10am; location TBD, but most centralized area is 605/60 freeways
    • If anyone has topics/questions to discuss at the BOD meeting, send to Javier so he can organize an agenda

Next Meeting

  • Next meeting will be Saturday, February 25, at 10:00 am. Location TBD.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.


x = in attendance

X Michael Bretón Chairman
X Carlos Hernandez Vice Chairman
  Eddie Mazariegos Secretary
X Javier Robledo Jr. Deputy Secretary
X Vicki Sutherland Treasurer
X Sergio Martinez Vocal Member
  Melvyn Peñate Vocal Member


22 Full Members on record
16 Full Members present
? Guests present

The Extraordinary General Meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael Bretón at 1:47 pm.

Motion made by Ricardo Gonzalez (Full Member), and seconded by Javier Robledo Jr (Full Member), to hold an election at this EGM for a new board of directors (as requested via BOD motion carried 12/15/2016 and announced to the membership 12/18/2016). After discussion about intents and purposes of the Peña as shared by Full Members present and about bylaws that require attention/revision but which did not disqualify the motion on the floor, a vote was called by the Chairman. Motion carried by majority vote.

Solomon Ortiz stated he will no longer be an active member during discussion.

Motion made by Solomon Ortiz (Full Member), to amend LPMSC Bylaws Article 13 so that Board of Directors serve a term of 1 year instead of 2 years. Motion was not seconded and later suspended for discussion at a future time.

An election for Board of Directors was undertaken. Additional nominations were accepted for the ballot. 13 ballots were submitted.

Election results for the 2017 Board of Directors:


Javier Robledo Jr. Chairman The Chairman will have the following responsibilities:

a)   To legally represent LA PEÑA before all public and private entities/authorities.

b)  Call, preside and adjourn the meetings held by the General Meeting and the Board of Directors.

c)   Lead the deliberations of one and the other.

d)  To organize payments and to authorize with their signature the documents, meeting minutes and correspondence.

e)   To adopt whatever urgent measure that the smooth running of LA PEÑA may require or in the development of its activities, be necessary or appropriate, without failing to be accountable to the Board of Directors afterwards.


Carlos Hernandez Vice Chairman The Vice Chairman will substitute the Chairman in his/her absence, this being through illness or any other cause, and will have the same responsibilities as the Chairman.


Eddie Mazariegos Secretary The Secretary shall be responsible for the purely administrative tasks of LA PEÑA, will issue certifications, will maintain the log of members in legal order as well as the files, and will safeguard the documentation of LA PEÑA, ensuring that correspondence regarding the holding of Assemblies and approval of budgets and financial statements are sent.


Roberto Cano Deputy Secretary The Deputy Secretary will substitute the Secretary in his/her absence, and will have the same responsibilities as the Secretary.


Vicki Sutherland Treasurer The Treasurer will collect and take care of the funds pertaining to LA PEÑA and will fulfill payments as issued by the Chairman.


(vacant) Accountant The Accountant will substitute the Treasurer in his/her absence, and will have the same responsibilities as the Treasurer.


Sergio Martinez Vocal Member The Officers will have the responsibilities belonging to their posts as members of the Board of Directors, as well as those that arise from delegations or working committees that the Board of Directors itself may designate to them.


Melvyn Peñate Vocal Member
Christian Paredes Vocal Member
Michael Bretón Vocal Member

The Extraordinary General Meeting was adjourned at 3:04 pm.